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Originally Posted by sandiegoman View Post
My two handed bh has never been a weapon.... it's always so flat. I've been experimenting with a 1 hander and it's pretty fun. I get way more topspin and feel like I can rip it when I hit it right.

Has anyone switched recently?
I played 2H for several years then switched to 1H after a long break. Main reason for switching was the same, I did not feel like it was a weapon. After two years I have started switching back, I found the 1H takes too long to set up & breaks down under pressure too easily, at least for me. Too much of a liability.

If you are not finding enough power and spin, you likely are muscling the 2H too much. If you work on a relaxed, fluid, and fast swing, you'll probably find the RHS, spin, and power you are looking for. If I only knew this before - damn crappy coach.

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