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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
I, for one, scratched my head at the 'crazy how much power there is' TW review. For me it felt very controlled, not overly powerful at all because of the nice flex that pocketed the ball very well. Stiffer frames are always the more powerful beasts for me -- the 6.1 95, for example, or the Bab tweeners.. Those are the super powered sticks to me. I loved the Rad Pro. Or of the better offerings of the last year or so I think. If it had a tighter string pattern I'd have loved it more. But a solid, solid stick. Demo before writing it off as too powerful.
How was it to swing, Gads? A bit slow at times? Very different I know but the older YT Rad Pro felt a bit too heavy for me in the hoop.

If anyone has experience of both, how does the Extreme Pro 2.0 and IG Rad Pro compare?
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