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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
You could try a wood racket.

F200 Carbons are very flexy but probably in the 85 to 90 inch range. A lot of the older rackets have noticeable flex even more so than the mid 1990's PT280/630 which seems stiff compared to some older rackets. The marketing trend has been towards lighter, stiffer frames for some time now even with the players rackets. Most seem too stiff and too light to me and lack feel.
That's exactly right! I remember back in the mid-90's I had been using a Dunlop Max 200G for many years when I decided to buy a couple of Head PT280's without demoing because they were on sale. When I went and actually played with them, I couldn't believe how stiff and light and tinny the racquet felt compared to my Max 200G's. I hated it! I immediately returned the unused one and sold the other one the next day.
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