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Federer is by far the worst loser out of the top 4.

But I guess, that's one part of what makes him such a great champion. He really hates to lose.

Murray, although he won only one slam was by far the best winner, he was so composed and low key. Which can also be contributed to his general demeanor ie, not really a fighter.

Me, personally, I dislike Federer's pathetic and imo slightly hysteric rolling on the ground and crying more than I dislike Novak's savage like yelling and shirt ripping.

But I don't find either to be a big deal really.

I think Federer had a problem with accepting Novak and Murray in the past of being worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as him, not being worthy enough to represent a challenge to him.

If you remember at the beginning of Nadal's career he had a few unkind words to say about him from time to time and after a bit he accepted him.

Same with pre-2011 Djokovic. After the 2011 US Open Federer was always very gracious, respectful and kind when he talked about Novak but he still said a couple of unkind things about Murray. (like when asked to comment about Murrays Asia tour success Roger said something like "well, I wasn't there, Novak wasn't there as well")

Guy just has a really high opinion of himself (and he earned it) and it takes time until he accepts someone on his own level. All of that can produce some really unclassy behaviour from Roger after a loss.
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