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Originally Posted by Prisoner of Birth View Post
As a Federer fan, I can say with honesty that most of his "class" in interviews and stuff is fake. So is Djokovic's (but when he loses, he is genuinely classy, no doubt about that) and Nadal's (who is only classy when he wins). I'd say Federer is the least "classy" of the top 4. He's just a really smart guy who knows how to maintain his image. I must say, however uncomfortable he is, that Murray is the most genuine (and classy) in interviews and stuff after wins and losses.
Murray is not that classy either, though he has gotten a bit better. I seem to remember he said DelPotro was nothing special sometime in 2008 but I can't be sure, but he did insinuate that he was a power only player with little feel. He also has returned fire with Federer in their sly dig wars.

Federer is sometimes genuinely classy but only about certain guys he likes. Del Potro is one, Nadal usually is another but he knows he would be an idiot if he didn't give him credit. He's had to muster some respect for Djokovic and Murray though he didn't like them much. Djokovic because of his family and his own intial arrogance, Murray because of his game which annoyed fed cos it was so defensive and Federer found he was vulnerable to this. He hates losing to a defensive game when it's his own errors deciding the match. I think the UK press probably ****ed him off too, hard not to when every question is about some no slam guy that everyone wants to win cos no brit has in 1000 years Fed can be classy but also a bad loser, depends.

Nadal got less classy as he got more successful and he felt the need to make an excuse of each loss or be annoyed cos he got outplayed. It's what happens when you become number one.

Djokovic classy when he loses, not much when he wins.
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