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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
A professional with knowledge on the subject matter telling forum people to work on their deficiencies instead of buying some miracle product to compensate?

That doesn't sit well with us.
Note that the post is a couple years old, the "professional" is a PT aide, not a PT, and certainly not an orthopedic surgeon. I don't consider the ASO braces that I use as miracle products, I consider them insurance. I completely tore two ligaments in my right ankle (you could feel the ends), partially tore a third, ruptured the joint capsule, and had a high ankle sprain to boot, along with a completely black lower leg for over a month. The surgeon said that if I were younger he'd operate, but at my age there was no point (and that was in 2000). I went through PT, I do stability training, wear stable shoes that lock in my heel (GR4s), etc. There has been more than one occasion lately where I know full well that without the brace I'd have torn up my ankle again. I don't wear a brace except to play tennis (or other sports), and that is at the advice of my surgeon, whom I trust a bit more than a PT aide I've never met.
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