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Originally Posted by adidasman View Post
The adidas site has Lavers all over the place (five versions, including the original white/green). No shortage there. The Nastases were never as popular as either the Lavers or the Smiths, so that doesn't surprise me. But no Smiths???
I don't seem to see the Lavers in the UK, sadly. They did a black pair with a white sole that looked the muts.

A guy I play with wears Smiths. Its only for fairly gentle doubles, but he gets about in them pretty nicely and Ive always been an advocate of less is more. They have decent leather uppers so support is ok and providing you dont need too much padding under foot then theyre pretty slick, nothing a good gel insole wouldnt solve anyway. Plenty of old pro's wore them so they can't be too bad. I think we just get a bit pampered these days.

Off court of course, theyre hard to match for iconic style, second only perhaps to the Diadora Borg Elite.

I do wish though, that Adidas would bring back a few slightly modernised versions again that could stand up to hard court play with a little more comfort underfoot.
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