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Travlerajm, Will you marry me?

(Sorry, LeeD, I have found another!).

Honestly, I can count on two fingers the guys I have played with who understand Aussie and are willing to use it when the time is right.

OK, Seriously . . . one of my friends told me of a problem she was having in mixed, and I'd like opinions on it.

My friend is a 4.0 playing 8.0 mixed. She is a very consistent player, very old school. Conti grip on the FH. Likes to let the ball fall really low on the FH. Hits with not so much pace on serve, FH and BH.

Anyway, she was playing this match against a good 4.0 guy who was active at net. By her account (after eating a bagel), she simply could not get the ball past the guy when returning the woman's serve. The only service return that worked was if she hit a slice that tagged the doubles alley and stayed low. Everything else (crosscourt, DTL, lob) he crushed.

My advice to her was to stand as close to the service line as humanly possible and bunt the ball quickly crosscourt. That was my only idea.

Any other ideas?
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