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I used PPA in my Babolat APDGT just before I switched to a Pro-Kennex. It was my favorite multi on the APDGT, and it's still one of my favorite multis on my Pro-Kennex. You definitely need to string it on the high side because it can be a bit too powerful if the tension creeps into the 40's (which can happen if it's strung in the low 50's). If you have RacquetTune, you should check the tension with it. I measured the string factor myself, and I know that the default string factor works for this string. On my drop weight stringer, I actually set it to 50 and RacquetTune tells me it comes out at 57, which is perfect for me. I've asked other people to string it at 58, and RacquetTune told me it was only 48. Don't worry about stiffness. It won't come close to a poly hybrid.

PPA has above average spin for a multi. You won't get the kind of spin you get with a fresh poly hybrid, but for me, it's enough. The combination of feel and dwell time on this string makes it exceptional in my book. Others have said the same thing, and others thought it felt flat for them. At the price, I think it's worth a try.
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