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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
Sorry I did not ask a good question. Please allow me to ask again - would your ranking system give a boy, a junior ranked #125 some credit for having a good fight, a close loss 5-7/6-7 to a blue chip junior? I wish the answer is yes.
You asked the question just fine before - perhaps my answer was unclear.

The short answer is "no" - in our system, all losses are treated equally. There are several reasons for this policy, but the most important one is technical - scores are not always available or coded consistently. Using scores would be opening ourselves up to logistical nightmares.

Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
I recall that you mentioned sometime ago that you or somebody at TRN sometimes made manual adjustment in the ranking order.
No, no, no! Our rankings are completely objective and based only on the match data. The only corrections we make are to the match data when the original results are recorded incorrectly.

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