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Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
But you mean the 200g pro's from mid 1990 onwards (when the "non pro" 200g was no longer available)? Because in that case my own take is that they are more headlight simply because the grip was longer than that there is more weight in the lower partof the racquet...

I don't have the machinery to measure the balance point, I can use the old methodology which makes use of a knife... simple with standard wood racquets, more complicated with open throat modern ones...
All my pros (older and newer) are 9pt HL. The others are 7pt HL. The pros also are lighter (I listed all the weights in a different posting), which preempts the argument that this could be because of a larger grip.

To measure the balance I use the old method, balance the racket on a ruler and measure the distance to the butt cap.
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