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Originally Posted by cluckcluck View Post
Pro knot for pretty much everything. Will use parnell from time to time for a starter on crosses.
The Parnell is actually a finishing knot.
Although it may hold as a starting knot, since it is a relatively small size knot it can pull into the grommet and cause more distortion of the grommet.
That is why a bulkier knot is typically used as a starting knot.

For 2 piece jobs,Instead of a starting knot I use a starting clamp to start my crosses and then use a finishing knot, so all knots are the same,and you would not be tying off on a main string and pulling tension against it, and when using thin gut or other 'fragile' multifilament strings, and especially at higher tensions, it is not uncommon to snap that first cross string right at the knot or at the two sharp turns the string makes, With using a starting clamp, you do not pull tension against these turns.
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