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The first thing I'll say is I agree with you on your tension range. I used to play with my Pure Drives and Wilson Blade Team strung closer to the 60 range, and since working at TW I'm a hugeeeee fan of dropping my tension to the very early 50s. I haven't actually tried Polyfibre TCS in it, and won't be able to in the near future so let me know how it's been going for you. I don't have much to complain about with a string like RPM Blast, because it's a great, standard poly - other than that I enjoy other strings a bit more for the excitement.

The Aero is really fun to play with, and you're right the power is pretty up there but I particularly enjoy the feel and the response off the string bed. I just feel more connected to a lot of my shots - whether the control is actually there or just in my head is yet to be decided but at least I think it's better!

A couple suggestions to try and maybe this can help my string choice when I get a chance to string up an Aero in the near future: Gosen Polylon in the honey color if you like it crisper, and the black if you like it a little deader - I playtested that in the old Aero and for having such a great price point I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Maybe the 2013 would play well with it too? Also, Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power, or Volkl Cyclone would be default choices if I had the time to decide my perfect string set up. I am also a big fan of WEISS CANNON Mosquito Bite.

So, in full, I haven't found my perfect set up yet, but would love to know how you're finding the Aero with your setups.

Siobhan, TW
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