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I'm calling BS! If you look at the play by play thread of the AO final, everybody was enjoying the match because it was a very closely contested match for the first 2.5 sets up until Murray began to wilt. But up to then, Djokovic was very vulnerable and unsure of himself. People here were impressed by Murray's display of shot making and aggression. It was a quality match between 2 top level baseliners who were also going for their shots.
The match was high quality for 2.5 sets and there was no sign at all of who was going to win the match until Murray began to feel the physical effects of his previous match against Federer.
Only until Murray went away after 2.5 sets is when everybody on here is now claiming that the match was boring and how much they miss Nadal, etc, etc.
What hurt the quality of the match is Murray's inability to go to the trenches and fight hard! I don't know how bad his blisters or hamstring were but the fact that he didn't fight is why people can't accept him on the level of the greats in the game. If he had taken the match to 5 sets by fighting, people on here would've been impressed. But he didn't, hence the quality of the match suffers.
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