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Originally Posted by Beryl View Post
Yes, that is exactly why I wrote that Granollers will be forced to carry the load for Spain. Reread my post if you think I was slighting Granollers, I most certainly wasn't.

However, it must be noted, Valencia is quite slow for an indoor hardcourt. The court in Canada should be quite fast. Outside of Valencia, Marcel doesn't have a good record either indoors or on hardcourt.

Spain should still be slight favourites. Ramos and Granollers should beat Pospisil or Dancevic, but it's hard to see either beating the Servebot. So it would comedown to doubles, where Granollers/Lopez are a very solid team and should be favourites.
I don't know about Spain being favoured in doubles. If Canada has a Nestor/Pospisil duo for doubles, that might be quite formidable on indoor HCs. Spain's doubles team has an atrocious record at Davis Cups in recent years, so it should be very interesting.

If I were the Canadian coach, I'd sit Pospisil out for the first day of singles (against Spain's #1 singles player) so that he's well-rested for the potentially crucial doubles match. If it comes down to the decisive 5th rubber with each team's #2 singles player (which means either Milos loses one or Canada blew it in doubles), then I'd substitute in Pospisil for that as he's the better singles player than Dancevic.
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