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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
Institutional man? Hmmm. I've mentioned more than once, and for years, on this forum Marcia Angell's book "The Truth About the Drug Companies." Her book utterly trashes the drug companies. Nothing very institutional about that. I posted in this thread that the evidence on GMO is just not there yet, not that it never could be. And the potential public health benefits of GMO are enormous.
I tend to agree that the worries about GMO haven't yet been proven, but they can't be blithely dismissed. There are potential benefits, too, but a lot of them are economic.

There's a huge amount of hypocrisy on this issue among some. People will say that supplements should be banned until they are proven safe, but GMO should be allowed until it is proven unsafe. I guess I take a middle ground in that I think they should both be allowed but labeled.

I guess everyone here knows that both Grape Nuts and Cheerios have GMO wheat in them.
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