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Originally Posted by Steve Dykstra View Post
I'm not familiar with the book, but if you eat too much of pretty much anything, it can be bad for you.... The bottom line is that our digestive systems evolved over many thousands of years based on what was available to eat. What most people eat today is radically different from what people ate only 50-100 years ago, but evolution does not work on such a short time scale and so people are becoming very unhealthy.
Thanks for recommendation. "Wheat Belly" doesn't just say 'don't eat too much wheat', it pretty much says today's wheat is poison that you should have little or none of because it will make you fat and unhealthy.

Originally Posted by PCXL-Fan View Post
Ollinger a good guy, at the end of the day is a institutional man, which reminds me of years ago he scoffed at the notion of antidepressants having long term sideeffects long after discontinuation(even for those who slowly tapered off of them under doctors instructions) and possibly long term use worsening recovery over the long term, now has to give a little ground to these possibilities.
Where did this discussion take place? What was said? Sounds more interesting than all this GMO mumbo jumbo to a laymen like myself.

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I guess everyone here knows that both Grape Nuts and Cheerios have GMO wheat in them.
Say what???
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