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I tried it for 20 mins. It has more weight distributed towards the head than PB10, and results in much more power and plow-thru. It hits heavier ball than many mid-sized frames like Head IG Prestige Mid, Donnay X-Dual Gold 94, Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX, Boris Becker London Tour. Actually, it's slightly overpowered but it can be from the string I used - Weisscannon Dual Reality. This string has excellent feel, but weird power level. Full poly should work better with the X10mid. Grip shape is so flat and makes my one handed backhand difficult to execute.

My friend who uses BB London Tour fell in love with this frame right away. He said the X10mid plays much more solid than his London Tour. We will see how long this honeymoon will last for.

The X10mid can compare to Wilson K Six One Tour, while the PB10 (older one) is similar to Wilson Pro Staff 85. In overall, this can be another good frame for baseliners.

DONNAY XP-Dual Pro JB + Weisscannon Dual Reality
Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX + Solinco Vanquish/Solinco Tour Bite Rough
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