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Do you guys think that Djokovic picked up his Twintube Radical originally because or Agassi, or just because it was what felt best for him at the time?

Either way, he wasn't really using Agassi's racket, whether he thought he was or not.

At my league match just the other night a guy was demoing all these different rackets (played terribly because of it), saying "this is blah blah's racket, this is so and sos...".

I didn't want to be the know it all so I just kept my mouth shut, both about the paint job thing and how the racket wasn't the reason for his losses.

It's more about his first serve % is about 15% and he double faults at least once per service game. Now he's going to spend $200 on some Babolat frame when he'd be better off taking a few lessons on his serve. I can't be too critical because I went through the same learning curve, but I wish someone had given me a good talking to about 5 years ago.
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