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Jeesz guys, I didn't think you'll were taking this "Chumlee" analogy to heart, personally I like Chumlee on that LV Pawn TV show and I think he knows he's playing his part and doesn't take himself so seriously. The prof here doesn't take himself too seriously here either, at least from what I can see and he's intelligent enough not to take the internet message board path to hell by engaging his detractors.

To go to the lengths to dig up decade old student reviews to assassinate a poster's message and character over what amounts to a tennis novelty is a good indicator somebodies got too much time on their hands--maybe somebodies time would be better spent hitting against a backboard somewhere. Or, maybe there's more then meets the eyes here, just maybe somebody got a less then perfect grade in somebodies chemistry class in 2004?

The last person's opinion I would use to judge a professor's mettle is from the peanut gallery of the modern classroom. This is college we're talking about and not the third grade, if they still need to be inspired and coddled to learn, maybe they're in the wrong place. By the time you're in college you're hand-holding days should be over and you should have the maturity to understand what you're doing there.

As for my reference to Sir Issac Newton's classrooms and the lack of interest by his students, the info is out there and you have demonstrated a keen ability to dig up the "dirt" on the Prof here, I trust you will find it someday.

Cheers from a member of the Chumlee Fan Club.
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox

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