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Originally Posted by eman resu View Post
what about the all pro oversize? What's the head size? 107, 110?
it was referred to as 98. the all pro was followed by the GK-98, same mold, but it was dark red.

i played the all-pro and they eventually started replacing cracked frames with the GK-98. pretty much the same.

initially the all pro was 80/20 then switched to 90/10. I can't recall the composition of the GK-98.

edit: as i recall.....this was mid-late 80's, my HS tennis years. The All-Pro was a cheap answer to the POG.
I think the All-Pro may have been a tad smaller. They also made a Boron Pro, competing with the Prince Boron
at half the price. Then abit later they started into the midsize market, Flack and Seguso, etc.

These were made by PK, as i recall. They were nice frames at a decent price point.
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