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After reading a ton of stuff on the boards from Travlerajm and xFullCourtTenniSx, I went head first (yet knowing my limits) into racquet weight customizing. I brought my first set of racquets to 360g and 330SW, and my second set to 360g and 350SW (they were about an oz heavier and had a higher SW than the first set at both set's original specs). I thought I was all good and mission accomplished, but then I read the posts about Mgr/I and realized my racquets needed to be +13oz for it to be achieved. I didn't think I was ready for that, but then I got a POG recently that weighed in stock at about 13.5oz and 365W, and when I measured everything I needed to get Mgr/I, it came out right about at the optimized number, STOCK! So after I hit with it more and realized I could handle the weight, I went to a racquet from the first set of racquets that I had not customized yet. It is now 380g (A LOT of lead all the way up and down the handle) and 365SW, balance roughly 7pts HL. It feels so great, and a year ago I never would have thought this would be a good idea.

Moral of the story - Travlerajm's insight on massive weight and swing weight can be utilized, but I would recommend working your way up to it. It's just like an actual work out, if you're just starting and try to bench 300lbs, you're going to hurt yourself and probably be discouraged enough to give it up. The one thing I don't like about weight customization is that it should be specific to you, and that can require a lot of trial and error. Especially if lead is under the grip, it's a long process of taking off the grip, removing, adding, or relocating tape, taping the grip back up, measuring the new specs, then trying it out again. Sometimes you liked it the way it was better or just think the new specs aren't good either...judgements can be made in haste...The whole thing from start to finish takes patience, be 100% sure of that. This is what I did though - while it is important to get your results specific to you, you may not know where to start. I personally had no idea what might be the best for me initially. But don't we all want to be like the pros or at least want to feel what they're swinging? On talk tennis there is so much info about one specific player's racquet specs and even averages for the tour by certain years. I found out that 360g is about average for pro weight, and since that was relatively close to my second set of racquets, that's how I wanted to start. That thinking may not be for everyone, but that's what I did and it worked fine and began my learning experience
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