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Originally Posted by YesTennis View Post
I've been thinking about the new Wilson Blade 98 (16X19). The SW seems to be in the optimal range that most here are talking about. Any reason why it is on 1 point HL. As a "players frame," it seems that most would prefer more HL in order whip or increase the racquet head speed. Has anyone tried it or have any thoughts?
It's a light stick. Weighs in around 325 before dampener and grip. So balancing it like that makes it more solid.

Originally Posted by PED View Post
PP, so are you going to use the blade stock plus 2g or will the 2g be inaddition to the 350 or so gram setup?
No, stock plus 2 grams in handle and 2 grams at 12.

I figure I can always add 2 more grams down the road if needed.
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