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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Few people question the safety of supplements (in sensible doses). Most just question their effectiveness.

"GMO" can apparently pretty much anything, depending on what point a person is trying to prove.

I hope heycal isn't sitting at home starving while we sort out the great "Grape Nuts vs. Cheerios" question.
Yes, let's get back to Heycal's growling belly. I'm going with Olli and voting Cheerios. They have a really weird smell that is quite offensive but what the heck. Cal could have 2 cups of Cheerios for the same kcal as 1/2 cup Grape Nuts. You get the health benefits Olli mentioned and a giant bowl vs a serving that could fit in a small coffee cup, plus similar protein and fiber with the same amount of calories. Grape Nuts always got stuck in my teeth, making brushing a chore with Grape Nut chunks getting clogged in my expensive SoniCare toothbrush. This also leads to the added expense of extra dental floss. Either way, you'll be starving by 9:30 am and running to the toilet anyway.
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