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Default Pro's don't start out using custom sticks

Considering that every pro player began their career or pro journey at an early age using off the shelf frames is it safe to assume that many of them and certainly the majority of college and satellite players are using bone stock frames? There is an almost obsessive fascination with what this or that player is really using when you think that many of the players are using paint jobs over racquets that they honed their games with. Joker, Fed, Delpo, Fish are probably using frames that are extremely close to what they were given when they had no clue they would be world class.
If all the big racquet companies just churned out the same frame with a different paint job we'd all be bored to death. However I would love it if you could choose from a player's stick that came with different paint options a la the Prestige with that gorgeous green paint job from the David Wheaton era. Hello Head, are you listening? The current candy cane color scheme that seems to be in vogue is just too hideous for words
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