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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
Great thread, very informative, I'll try out some of your suggestions next time I'm on court! How about transitioning between a one handed topspin and slice backhand, would you guys advocate a grip change? In the past, several coaches have taught me to hit my slice backhand with a continental grip (initially when I was mostly a s&v player on grass). However, I have found that I naturally tend to over-extend my wrist when I hit a slice, creating a 'V' between my hand an my wrist. If I do that using a continental grip I tend to cut under the ball with a very open face instead of driving through it, resulting in a very spinny shot with very little pace, almost a drop shot.

Recently, I've been experimenting with using my normal eastern backhand grip (still need to figure out exactly where my heel pad is on it...), and when I then extend my wrist, I open the racket face just enough to get a nice deep, biting slice (ideally, of course). It also makes transitioning between an intended topspin backhand to a last ditch slice a little bit easier. What would you guys recommend, keep going with the eastern backheand grip on my slice backhand, or stay with the continental and learn not to extend my wrist (easier said than done...)?
I keep a continental grip on the topspin and slice more because I'm too lazy to change.

I'm 5'11" and my brother is 6'3" and always hits high to my back hand. He occasionally throws a fast one in there so it's easier for me to keep a continental grip.

By the way, I'm only 18 years old and LOVE to serve/volley and chip/charge. I find that the modern game and anything referring to it (grips, rackets, string, etc.) requires a bit of work.

The modern game requires a decent amount of athleticism when setting up for shots and hitting out in front. A conservative grip requires less of the two, but if you have it anyways WO HO HO. Magic.

I've tried the extreme grip only once. I had to bend my knees a lot to hit a decent ball. I actually slammed my left knee on the ground and decided never to do it again. Whatever net clearance you get out of it isn't worth it.
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