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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
Can any of you experts help me out with this nightmare? When stringing with Kevlar, it's basically like stringing with twine. When it comes time to push the ******* through the tie off hole, it took me almost 15 minutes the last time I strung my racket. I tried everything..cut the the end of the string as sharp as I could, I waxed it, I wet it, I damn near broke the awl trying to shove it through.

Is there some trick to getting floppy strings through shared holes? Your help is much appreciated.
I'm going to assume you're referring to Ashaway kevlar, as most other kevlars are easier to work with (due to coating/construction). I like Ashaway the best, though, so there's no escaping it for me...

Pathfinder awl is one of the most foolproof ways, but assuming you don't have one:

You shouldn't be using the awl to shove the string through. The awl should (at worst) be used to create a little clearance for the string. Insert the awl carefully, making sure not to nick the string already in the hole, and once it's all the way through, wiggle it around. Force is not necessary here! Take a look before and after, putting your eye at grommet level. The top OR bottom will look a little more open when you peek. Line the string up with this side of the hole and keep the plier tips close to the frame. You should be investigating the source of blockage before fiddling too much, though. Use a flashlight on the other side of the hole, and it'll become pretty obvious what you're trying to do.

If this still doesn't work, dip the tip in nail polish (super glue works in a pinch), and it'll stiffen up after it dries. This isn't going to save you a lot of time, though.
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