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Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
Finally installed RaquetTune on my iPhone and iPad and measured tensions
of string beds on 3 identical Head Prestige's, all with Babolat BT7 guts.

#1: measured 52# (requested 59/60# a few month ago, played a few weeks).
#2: measured 56# (requested 58# 2 weeks ago, have been playing since then)
#3: measured 66# (requested 62# 6-7 month ago, played only once)

I know these are only reference tensions but #3 clearly was a bad one, I concluded.
I requested 62# but I think the stringer( person or machine ) probably pulled it at 70+ lbs.
It felt dead and I stopped playing with it. BT7 with this high tension is probably unusable.
There goes $43(string) + $22(stringing fee) wasted.
At shops around here you can get a good string job done for <$15... I personally charge $8 labor, but I get a fair amount in tips.
Making a comeback after ski season.
Biomimetic Max 200G x8 and a "few" others...
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