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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
I went back and read the first page in his original thread on the subject--there it does not seem he is talking about a 'default' strategy. So apparently he has backed way off of his original concepts.
Nope, the original premise was born out of a thought/premise that the best players didn't hit nearly as close to the lines (especially regarding depth) as most recreational players think they do. 5263 (and i'm not trying to speak for him - but he can't be here to defend his concepts) took that idea and used it to create the triangular target theory that you see in the original thread, which give you a target gate which has margin for error, but can still create an opportunity if the ball is well struck, regardless of your position or intention to go cross or DTL (and based on a trading ball - not necessarily when attacking or creating).

Whether you like the idea/theory/concept is another thing, and whether you think it has been done before is entirely another, the valid point is that many recreational players may not have considered this as a potential pattern and therefore it may be useful to many.

As I have said, I have used to concept with world class wheelchair players, to very good effect.

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