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Originally Posted by WoodIndoors View Post
Thank you all for your input!

Some great suggestions. (Orange balls out of closet already for example)

My challenge is basically that I see he has more natural talent, killer instinct, to dominate at the net in doubles (than run from side to side 5 hrs in singles) no matter what agility practises and miracle workouts - but how can I keep that up, encourage him on that, when there's no way to dominate at the net against his (good) practise partners - against whom he can compete alright from the baseline. Unless I make the court 2/3 or something, and who wants that? of course by drilling but in competive play?

So basically I see the future so that he can and propably will become a very good singles player (but THAT good, no pro potential unless future proves me wrong) while in doubles he might have a shot if he decides. And If I'm innovative enough.

How to really maximise that?

By the way, I'm just curious, what you guys think is more difficult, atp top 10 in doubles vs top 100 in singles? (Of course it's a matter of talent but in general)
We have not met a coach who develops a personalized strategy just for a unique player. You know your student better than everybody on this board and you may be absolutely right that your player would become a doubles specialist. That being said, I think you still want to convince this kid and his parents that he needs to improve his footwork, his fitness including endurance; he needs to develop a mentality and confidence that he is capable of running down any ball and he is able to out run his opponent; and he needs to become a better singles player.

College coaches, especially, D3 programs, would love to recruit players who are good in doubles. Even in D1, the double's point often determines the out come of a dual match. However, it's singles' results that are used for TRN ranking. Your student needs to have good results in singles in order to be ranked and ranked high enough to get coaches' attention.
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