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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Hi Mikeler! A good friend of mine that's older than me still plays with wood rackets. He is a flat ball hitter and has been out of tennis for six months because of shoulder surgery. I was going to give him as a present some gut but I just ordered a racket and my budget is tight. So, I was thinking of getting him Mantis Comfort Synthetic whigh is very soft but as you said low powered (specially if compared to gut). What do you think? I plan on buying through Tennis Warehosue this time so please please dont suggest Genesis Thunderblast. Will Mantis Comfort Synthetic full bed be a good idea? I think he wont break them that fast as he does not hit with spin. Anyhow, I want to give him a very soft string for his wood racket so his shoulder won''t bother him.
Having never used a wood racket, I have no idea how Mantis Comfort will play but the number one priority is arm health so you can't go wrong with that string. He may just have to play around with the tension to get the desired power level.
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