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Default MRT preparation

I am preparing for it and like to create a thread for my questions and hope to get some helps. I have gone through the previous related thread and found some very helpful tips but would like to get few my own concerns answered.
1. For the knot, I am going to use the (Yulite video) parnell knot to tie off and bulk knot as starting knot. I have used them for few years and really get use it them. Both knots are not included in study guide, do you see a problem to use them in test.
2. For the gut pre-stretch, I believe it is required in test.
I will do it this way. Will this be good enough?
3. For the written, do I need to memorize the material or just need to understand? Other post mentioned things about strings and big company's racket technology. it is a bit challenging to memorize all those.
4. For the things much less popular today, such as single grommet replace, tubing, racket ball handle griping, etc. Is that really big part of the test? I read there are 95 questions and the passing score is 84%. I don't think I have much room for error.
5. For the racket evaluation part, what is that include? Is that written or hand on?
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