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Default The Blade 93 (2013) thread !

So,just starting a thread where we can post about our 93:s.

I'll start with my impressions so far;
Great balance,solid feel. A bit stiff at first but it came with a synthetic gut at high tension, i cut it out and replaced it with a multi/poly hybrid at 26/25kg and it was better.

However since i wanted my elbow to heal up faster i cut that out too after a few sessions in benefit for full multi(sensation) at 24kg, and it was a even better,so ill stick with that until my arm is better.

Another player at my club did the opposite,he cut the sensation out and replaced it with rpm blast and he felt that was alot better,so if you dont have arm problems it could be worth trying.

I was impressed by the 98 18/20 version regarding serve,and that has more weight in the head so i just added close to 4grams total at 3/9-ish to see if it would widen the sweetspot and add some pop to serves.

I have an overgrip on,my scale indicates it at ~6grams so balance is still about the same.

Looking forward to next session to see if i notice any difference

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