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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi Jack -

Uhm, that's not quite correct. I do kind of get what you are implying tho ... added weight anywhere makes the racquet more difficult to swing, in a real tennis stroke out on the court. But the term "Swingweight" has a very precisely defined meaning, method of measurement, and has very little to do with a real tennis stroke.

It is determined by measuring the moment of inertia around a 10cm axis. That's fancy talk for it is clamped into the RDC machine and rotates around an axis at exactly 4 inches. Therefore, weight at exactly 4" or below 4" makes no dif with regards to measurable sw. You'd have to add quite a bit of lead (something equivalent to the weight of 3-4 leather grips) in the remaining 4-7 inches of the palette to register even a single blip in sw on an RDC testing device.

On the other hand, tail weighting, right at the buttcap, acts as a counter balance to the tip weight, and it makes the tip of the racquet easier to control. That's exactly why I've got all my Pro Ones tail weighted to -12 points, and the SW has not changed one iota. The tail weighting, (as well as my flared buttcap for added leverage) really helps me to control the racquet face during the latter stages of my semi western 1HBH.

Thanks Jack for that info.

BTW...I tried getting a Pro 1 directly from Donnay that was on spec or lower for weight and balance and they couldn't do it. Isn't that crazy?
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