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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Not playing any more tournaments for a while. She has a growing group of kids interested in developing long term games. They meet most every night and have some great battles.

She did one recreational tournament and 2 USTA G12s. Won 2 of them, reached finals of the other. I learned all I needed to learn....she will compete, the pressure some people kept saying is so big a deal compared to intense practice matches is a myth, pressure can be imitated in many settings.

I also learned USTA rankings for the G12s are a joke. Besides a few players, most of the girls are brutally bad.

In short, these tournaments are a huge waste of time and money at this stage of the game.
I hear you. After some time in our new surroundings, we are starting to find some good partners to get together with. I have 2 of his training friends join us some weekends and run on a clinic for them. No cost to anyone and gives my son some good live ball competitive drills. All L6 tournaments here are green ball, so we do mainly the non-sanctioned events and the occasional L5/L4. Works out to 1 or 2 per month.
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