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hold both hands on the racket until the ball bounces. Yes, wait until the ball bounces to start your swing. Take the racket head smothly and fairly slowly to the bottom of the ball. At or near contact, pull up, thru and across into WW finish accelerating thru contact.

Read Oscar's Wegner's stuff about waiting on the ball. He advocates counting to 5 with 1 at bounce and 5 at contact. I think 5 count is too fast - he says it out loud pretty fast but it can be done.

I sometimes think BOUNCE, 2, PULL with BOUNCE when ball hits court, 2 when I start my swing and PULL at contact. I can think or say these pretty smoothly and relaxed and still have plenty of time. I use a fairly compact loop to contact.

Try this on a wall or ball machine or when just drilling. I don't think this much in matches - just a practice drill.
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