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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Thanks Jack for that info.

BTW...I tried getting a Pro 1 directly from Donnay that was on spec or lower for weight and balance and they couldn't do it. Isn't that crazy?
LOL, no surprise at all. As I've said many times, the Donnay website specs are 100% pure fiction. And I know they know it too. The real P1's are stiffer, much higher balance, and much higher SW. Forget about getting a Pro one that is under the 318 sw spec. Try to buy just one that is 318. They cannot sell it to you, because it is a mythical creature of fiction, same as a P1 with a sticker flex of 64 is a mythical creature. I love the P1 more than any other frame I've ever hit with by a factor of 10. But jeeze louise the specs thing is real burr my saddle!

I do have a possible solution in mind. The top bumper weighs 9 grams. I'm estimating than I can get that down to about 6 grams If I drill it out. - 3 grams at the tip will drop the SW considerably. I've got six grommet sets here to play with, will be experimenting as time allows.

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