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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Not playing any more tournaments for a while. She has a growing group of kids interested in developing long term games. They meet most every night and have some great battles.

She did one recreational tournament and 2 USTA G12s. Won 2 of them, reached finals of the other. I learned all I needed to learn....she will compete, the pressure some people kept saying is so big a deal compared to intense practice matches is a myth, pressure can be imitated in many settings.

I also learned USTA rankings for the G12s are a joke. Besides a few players, most of the girls are brutally bad.

In short, these tournaments are a huge waste of time and money at this stage of the game.
KEEP HER IN TOURNAMENTS T.C.F!!!! Just hold her accountable to doing it right!!!! They learn sooooo much from these tournaments.. Dont be like me and get into the social comparisons and stress about how this player can beat your girl with terrible strokes. She needs the tournaments!!!!!! I have done it both ways. I kept my baby out of tournaments for a year and she fell behind. I would put her in a tournament EVERY weekend if i was you....Now we are playing tournaments as often as i can afford and its starting to pay off. JUST DEPERSONALIZE THE PROCESS!!!!!! Just make sure she is sticking to the plan and the game you want her to play will develop.... She needs the tournaments...
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