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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
LOL, no surprise at all. As I've said many times, the Donnay website specs are 100% pure fiction. And I know they know it too. The real P1's are stiffer, much higher balance, and much higher SW. Forget about getting a Pro one that is under the 318 sw spec. Try to buy just one that is 318. They cannot sell it to you, because it is a mythical creature of fiction, same as a P1 with a sticker flex of 64 is a mythical creature. I love the P1 more than any other frame I've ever hit with by a factor of 10. But jeeze louise the specs thing is real burr my saddle!

I do have a possible solution in mind. The top bumper weighs 9 grams. I'm estimating than I can get that down to about 6 grams If I drill it out. - 3 grams at the tip will drop the SW considerably. I've got six grommet sets here to play with, will be experimenting as time allows.

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What do you think their motivation is for publishing specs that are lower than actual?
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