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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
Demo and Beernutz,

IT'S ONLY TENNIS ! I'm not going to get into an internet ******* match over "two handed tennis". It just amazes me that you two feel you have to attack someone who comes here to share some tennis knowledge, doing the usual internet crap of demonizing and vilifying even going to the extent of dredging up ancient student reviews. You'se guys are either professors or students with too much time on your hands or typing on the taxpayers dime.

From what I see of the current "higher" education system, 80% of it is a bunch of babysitting spoiled brats, hooligans and training for a future life of alcohol and drug addiction. They'd be best served by being drafted into the military for their own good and that of the world. For proof just look at who's shooting up all the movie theaters and classrooms these days, a bunch of psychopaths who were accepted by colleges.

Beernutz, I am out much, while you've been sitting there at your computer, I've been smacking tennis balls and just came in to see how you all were coming along and make a quick bowl of oatmeal--now back to the courts--those ten seconds of research do add up.

Cheers Mates
Me thinks you doth protest too much mate. Hit a nerve? FWIW, I played league singles last night, the fourth night in a row I've played. You seem to be doing just as much internet squawking as anyone in this discussion so for you to going pointing fingers in that regard is pretty hypocritical don't you think? Pot, kettle, you.
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