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Originally Posted by chunlimeyers View Post
I hate to say "I told u so"(I mentioned the vibration in this frame and warned you all)... but no, everybody loves saying that.. haha! You guys with shoulder and elbow issues, this vibration through the frame is what is causing them. I will equate it to the ultra stiff babolat frames. They were like this until they added the "cortex" system. If U can find a PRE cortex system racket it is a very nasty, harsh for the arm racket (one pure drive felt like i was hitting with an aluminum bat!). I think the cortex system also takes away from the overall stiffness of babolat frames now, and makes them way more playable. Hopefully in wilsons near future they will either devise a version of the cortex for these frames or make them less stiff, or both. Oh, and if for you other guys, you think it is weight and swing balance, well, just use lead/silicone to change that. But, like I said, don't think it will help much(except silicone, which is a very good shock absorber). Good luck.
The best "shock absorber" is more weight. Silicone is great at providing the feel of a more comfortable racket but the only thing that is going to make a light stiff racket easier on your arm is more weight if all other things are left equal. Not a piece of plastic in the throat of the racket.
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