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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
Try them both. I use a full bed because my arm doesn't like poly. I've strung poly/multi hybrids for friends with it and gotten some good feedback. On my APDGT and Ki 5x the movement is minimal. Just make sure the crosses are the right tension. Some careless stringers don't get enough tension on the crosses because they rush through jobs.

PPA is durable for a multi, but I have broken it in under 4 hours twice due to a shank. If you don't shank it, it will last a long time.
I'd think the shank risk is a little less on the crosses. Most of my shanks have been up near the top of the hoop but I did catch a cross one time on a shank up there.

Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
Would you consider the NXT tour 16? Did you like the esxplosiv as a cross? Again, would you consider reviewing it?

I may consider the NXT Tour 16 one day if I can get a deal on it. I'm not paying full retail. The setup with Explosiv in the crosses were not for me but that was probably due more to the poly mains I tried them with. I may try it out in the future. Here are the reviews with the Explosiv crosses:
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