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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
Geez I am very disappointed with the responses in this thread. Is everyone saying that tennis does not keep you fit? Easy sport? I thought this was a tennis fan's forum.
I'm just disturbed that this person came into a "COMPETITIVE TENNIS - COLLEGE TENNIS" board talking about beginning tennis for staying fit. Tennis is a great sport no doubt, but I don't know that this is the place I would have come to gain ground on "hey you can do it". If you find a friend or 3 that love tennis then make that a great way to get out and burn calories, but it's going to be more about the social at that point. It will be hard at 19 and in a beginner stage while in college and studying to make tennis your stay fit thing. I'd find a real thing like cross fit or or something you could enjoy with friends that truly burns some calories!!! Tennis (FOR THE BEGINNER) will not be burning a lot of calories and keeping you that fit...IMHO. I could be wrong though...there could be some that feel you'd be running your fool head off. In college, I'd get heavily involved with intramurals and get crazy with every dang sport possible for fitness and fun. You may find a new talent and stay make friends, etc. Just the 2 cents of an old college coach.
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