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Originally Posted by Pacific lefty View Post
As my mother in law says, if a glass of wine makes you feel less nervous and relaxed and confident in yourself, there have to be some sort of benefits in having it, rather than not, and being stressed out. I wouldn't recommend it after a first round win before playing the second round (my mixed partner did that once and we were totally beaten hands down by opponent!)...
As I previously mentioned in post #16, 1/3 to 1/2 serving of alcohol is considered optimal by many athletes for calming the nerves w/o dulling the senses. Between rounds, eat a bit (a little fat &/or protein, slow carbs) before drinking 1/2 glass of vino.

I have performed some ECT reaction time tests before & after 1/2 glass of wine and after a full glass of wine. There was a very noticeable differences in my scores/RT. I performed slightly better after 1/2 glass than before it. With a full glass of wine my reflexes are off quite a bit even tho' I felt fine (did not even feel a buzz). I've noticed the same effects when competing in both tennis and badminton.
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