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Originally Posted by rdis10093 View Post
salutations andy,

I am a big fan of the rdis 93. I used it all through highschool and am using it at college right now. It is a heck of a drug. such good feel and plowthrough. anyway though, I was not old enough for the rdx generation. I noticed that you did a blog about making a head racquet play like a rdx spec wise. I cant find the link for it at the moment, but I was wondering, if I bought several head racquets from tw, can you guys spec them out like that of the rdx? I would pay more of corse. I am very interested to see how anything could play better than my drug. would love to know more about your thoughts comparing the two.

Absolutely. We offer the customization service that I discuss in the blog for an additional fee per racquet. Here is the link to the blog:

The customized Radical ended up at 12.2 oz strung, 7.5 pts HL with a swingweight around 325. This is pretty darn close to the specs of the old RDX 500 Mid.

I'm personally using the RDiS 100 Mid currently as well, and I love the racquet. The specs are very similar to the RDX, so much so that I would almost consider the racquet interchangeable. If you like the RDiS as much as you say do, I'm very confident you'll like the specs of the RDX.

Check out the article again and see if it's what you're looking for, and if you're interested make sure to call our customer service department for some more info.

Andy, TW
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