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Originally Posted by marsh View Post
But, even if you are going to work on a deficiency, will that process not take time? What do you do in the interim?

There are many great braces out there and I have tried most of them, including the hard to find Aircast. My preference is the ASO, I never tried another brace that was as comfortable.

My questions is, has anyone tried the Nike ankle wrap? I'm curious what level of support it offers.
That depends on your situation. If your ankles (or any other joints) are simply weak and you'd like to build up the strength/stamina. Then by all means, use a brace or some other support system so you can work your way up, and eventually be rid of any external support.

But if you're an injured player but insists on playing with an injured body part, and thinks external support system can aid in the healing process WHILE continuing to play. You're only hurting yourself more.

Lastly, I'm not a fan of ankle braces, and I have injured/twisted/rolled my ankles (severely on a few occasions). I really think that if you're going to twist/roll your ankles, the forces generated will far exceed what a few straps will be able to withstand.
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