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Default Blade 93 man

I've been playing with the blade for over a month now... it's the modern day ProStaff 85. This is what Wilson should have done with the ProStaff line- make a PS 93... instead they called it the Blade 93.

This stick is solid from the baseline. Mine is strung with NRG 18g @ 50 lbs and plays like a dream. I'm coming off playing with the Prince Original Graphite 93 for almost 20 years. Everything about this stick is a winner for a player's racquet. It's not too stiff like a Prestige, not too dead like a Dunlop 200 series and not too noodlely like a Becker London Tour/ Volkl PB 10. It's just right...

It dampens the vibrations, it has a more than generous sweet spot, its paint job is killer and it's not string sensitive. I've strung mine with Gosen synthetic gut 18g, Technifibre blackcode 18g, prince synthetic gut w/ duraflex 18g, Luxilon Big Banger, Tourna big hitter black and Technifibre NRG18. For me, the NRG plays best either as a full string job or as a hybrid with a black code or big hitter black poly.

I'm a former NCAA DIV 1 singles player, now 40. I only play once a week, however, I can still out hit most guys out there. It you're looking for a nice and comfortable player's stick... look no further... Blade 93 is it.
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