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Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
And here we are...Mac at wimbledon in 1992 with a max 200gpro!
You can see (more or less) that there's written something after the word 200g on the frame...that something is the word "pro"!
...taken directly from the school diary of my last high school year...

I have other 1992 pics ('cause he's using the nike supreme court shirts) from magazines of that year showing that in 1992 he also used a "normal" 200g in some occasions (and the no logo 200g at the AO)...
Absolutely superb thanks, made my day

Fantastic stuff, so that is definitely the racket I have, so Mac did indeed use this version. Even though the one I have is new and completely unused, but great to see he used this version during his career!
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