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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Lance is a terrible winner. Accept it and move on.
Can you elaborate please? How is he a bad winner?

Here are a few examples of what he said after he won a slam:
USO '11
"It's an incredible, incredible feeling. I've had an amazing year and it keeps going but every time I play Rafa it's a big challenge and I want to congratulate him on a great tournament."

Wimbledon '11
"When you're playing the best player in the world, Rafael Nadal, who has won two out of the last three Wimbledons and he has always been winning the big matches against me in the Grand Slams, I had to be on the top of my game, I had to play my best."

AO 2012
"It was obvious on the court for everybody who has watched the match that both of us, physically, we took the last drop of energy that we had from our bodies. We made history tonight and unfortunately there couldn't be two winners."

I cannot POSSIBLY see you having a problem with what he says about his opponents after big wins because he is full of respect (win or lose and it's more impressive being classy after a loss anyway)

So you must have a problem with the celebrations? He ripped his shirt off once in 6 slam final wins and you're acting like it was a horrendous crime but frankly after ANY win, it's the winners moment. They can do whatever the hell they want to celebrate and I don't think ANYONE else has a right to judge the celebration. Unless you have been for court on 6 hours playing against one of the GOATs, and coming out on top you can't even be close to estimating what it must feel like. I also think if you think that it's disrespectful to the opponent, I think that just reflects badly on the opponent if they want to be selfish about a moment that isn't even theirs. If after Andys USO win against Novak he had an outrageous celebration (which would be COMPLETELY warranted) I don't for a minute think Novak would have any ill feelings about it because why would he? It was all about Andy, and he could choose what he wanted to do with it.
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