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Originally Posted by purple-n-gold View Post
... I'm looking into getting a vitamix blender; what are type of mixer are you guys using?

Originally Posted by scotus View Post
I have a Nutribullet as well.

The only downside is that flax seeds tend to stick to the blades (hence not easy to clean), and berry seeds do not break down much...
I grind my flax seeds with a coffee grinder. Golden seeds have a milder, less-intrusive taste. Not certain, but they might also grind a little cleaner as well -- not much gunk on the blades at all. You can stir in the ground seeds after you've NutriBulleted the other stuff. However, with beverages, I usually go with pre-soaked chia seeds. No need to grind the chia seeds at all -- just soak them for 10 mins to several hours before adding them to your blended drink. I seem to get better results soaking them in water rather than juice.
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